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{ Phoenix Plaza Amphitheatre }

Sun Jun 3 08:08:51 CDT 2001
Where: Pontiac /Michigan/USA
When: 7/4/2000
Stage: outdoors

It was outside so for the 1st hour it was light. Like every 1 was moshing and even tho i don't surf it was hard not to be in the pit and still see the band. I think a few kids got droped where there were holes in the crowd and they got pulled out and taken to first aid and a couple girls got groped. It consisted of some really strong crowd surges which at points made me feel unsafe. This girl behind me (she was short, like 5'2) got picked up and hoisted up on to the crowd, by the end she got pulled off by concert guys at the front and they took her away to safety. She was crying and screaming put me down the whole time and I think she got groped.


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