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Pearl Jam
{ Roskilde }

Sun Jun 3 13:25:45 CDT 2001
Where: Roskilde, Denmark
When: 6/30/2000
Stage: outdoors

First of all, I have to say that it's been nearly a year and I'm still pissed off about what happened at Roskilde. I want to know why no hay was put down when the area in front of the stage was so muddy. I want to know why the 'chain of command' was such that it took 15 minutes to stop the show when people were already clearly dying. I want to know why the best person I'll ever know in my life had to die when even one of these things had been more carefully planned. People didn't look out for each other, the way Pearl Jam always used to end a show saying 'Take care of each other.' Maybe there isn't any one thing or person I can blame this on, and maybe it's not really even a question of blame. I'm sure no one started the day on 30 June thinking that 9 peoples' lives were going to end. I was at Glastonbury just a couple weeks before Anthony was at Roskilde, getting crushed at the Travis show and thinking about all the concert deaths I'd heard about. Fortunately, I'm only 5'2 and had a lot of people looking out for me, offering to let me get on their shoulders. It still sucked. I got groped, I couldn't breathe, and my crew badge was ripped off me. However, security did a good job pulling people out when they needed help, and fortunately it didn't rain at Glastonbury (for once). But when Roskilde happened, everyone said it was the worst concert tragedy since The Who concert 30 years before - why didn't anyone learn from that? Why did Anthony have to die when people *should* have known better? And unless people take action now and change not only the security and safety measures at concerts, but also their attitudes at concerts, more people will die at future concerts. And that doesn't need to happen. Not when people are just looking to have fun and make friends and enjoy music.


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