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KBPI Birthday Bash 2001- The Offspring, Stabbing Westward, Clutch, HedPE
{ Red Rocks }

Mon Jun 18 16:37:41 CDT 2001
Promoter: KBPI
Security: ...
Where: Littleton, Colorado
When: 5/11/2001
Stage: outdoors

Alright, first off, this was a great experience!! It all started when my sisters got me drunk at the concert and thats when I decided I wanted to go down to the mosh pit and show them what a REAL mosh is. It was all going great! Clutch was on stage and the sun was just going down when some tall tall guys decided I was the perfect contestant to go crowd surfing. So up I went. The first time lasted about 45 seconds and finally I got thrown over the gate, past the bouncers where I landed on stage for just a second before the bouncers pulled me off. I was so drunk of course that I stumbled just in front of the stage. I thought it was so fun so I went back in the mosh pit, where I went up again, this went on about 9 more times when finally the bouncers said "That was your 10th time, one more time and you're outa here".. of course I didn't comprehend what they said so I went to get some more beer and sit in the stands with my friends. I guess it was about an hour later, when stabbing Westward was on stage. I wanted to go mosh! So I went! I crowd surfed 3 more times and I didn't get caught. The next time however, they just kept passing and passing and passing me when suddenly my shirt fell off, I didn't care because I was so wasted. But then they passed me past the bouncers on to the stage! I was on the stage with no shirt, only a bra, with stabbing westward, that only lasted 2 seconds before the bouncers pulled me off. I of course went back to the mosh where I recovered my shirt. I crowed surfed 12 more times but on my 26th time a bouncer excorted me to the right, instead of the left, I was kicked out! or so i thought. Outside, he yelled at me and told me to stay away from the mosh. So i went up to the stands and enjoyed the rest of the concert, geting more drunk with each minute. After the concert I had an amazing 26 bruises from the mosh after crowd surfing 26 times, it was great!!!

Crystal Specht

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