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N Sync
{ Coral Sky Ampitheatre }

Mon Jun 21 08:57:21 CDT 1999
Where: West Palm Beach,FL/USA
When: 5/16/1999

I attended an N'sync Concert in West Palm Beach, FL. And I have to say that it was the worst concert I have ever been to. It was great on N'sync's Part but the Amphitheater sucked. People were standing on their chairs, not just standing up. I asked the security people about 10 times to tell them to sit down but the problems still persisted. (My seats were not great and I could see how that would cause difficulty but without the people standing in their chairs I could see great.) Anyway this not only made me angry but it made my father and another family in my same row very unhappy. The mother of the other family started cussing out the security guard but she did nothing. So I decided to go in the aisle and watch. This was not much help because a security guard harassed me and said i must go back to my seat but i refused until he told them to sit down. He went and told the people standing up to remain in their seats but it only worked for about 2 minutes. Because of this I missed the last 30 minutes of the concert and I must say that I will never go back to West Palm for another concert unless I have the first 3 rows.


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