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Dave Matthews Band
{ Foxboro Stadium }

Thu Jul 5 11:06:27 CDT 2001
Where: Foxborough, MA
When: 6/16/2001
Stage: outdoors

I have been a DMB fan for years, and this was my fifth time seeing them, and I was really excited because I had just graduated from high school the day before. We arrived at the parking lots at about 5:30 pm with time to start the bbq and eat. We all had a great time hanging out. We only saw security for the first half hour when we arrived in the parking lot. We went to the concert and had the best time ever. The people around us were really cool and we talked to everyone and enjoyed shouting cheers and dancing to the music. After the concert, we went back to our cars, which were towards that back near the new stadium they are building. We did not see any police around or security patrolling. We had about 4 younger girls with us, and some guys from across the parking lot came over and wanted to hang out with them. They were out of control and wouldn't leave when we told them that we weren't partying and were getting ready to leave. Just then, one of the guys started urinating on a friend of mine. He took at gallon of water to wash of his foot and it hit the other kid. My friend walked off and the guy came after him and attacked him, hitting him in the face 4 times. I was watching what happening next to another guy friend of mine, and then the kid came up to us and hit my friend, sending him into a car. The guy and his friend ended up punching another kid in the nose, and then two other girls and I had to coax the boys into leaving us. We left the concert with two boys with bloody lips and noses and another in my car with a possible concusion. During that half hour, there were no security or police to help us out, and we had no first aid supplies other than the ice from our coolers and an extra t-shirt to put the ice in to keep the swelling down. We drove the three hours home instead of going on our graduation retreat. It was very disappointing. After a great concert and meeting such great people everywhere, it was sad to think that those guys were just looking for a fight just because. They couldn't just relax and have a good time while meeting people. The other disappointment is that the boys that started the fight were just looking to impress the girls we were with. Being a girl, I know that those stupid displays of toughness are a huge turn-off. After that I feel very unsafe being in areas such as that parking lot without someone tough that can protect who I'm with. I definately consider taking a self defense course!


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