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Warped Tour/various artists
{ Peir 30/32 }

Wed Jul 11 02:30:35 CDT 2001
Where: San Francisco, CA
When: 6/30/2001
Stage: outdoors

It was the beginning of the concert and my friend and i were at the very front of the huge crowd waiting for Good Charlotte. i was already a little nervous when they were doing sound checks cuz i could feel the crowd growing with each passing moment, so when they finally came on all hell broke loose. As many of u know GC isn't exactly what u would call a "hard rock" band but that day the fans were acting as if it was korn. in the first 5 minutes of the show i could feel myself becoming light headed and disoriented, and it didn't help having 200lbs people jumping on me. after i had had enough i escaped the crowd, navigating my way to the side, but before i got to freedom a random mosh pit broke out and i found myself in the middle of it. it didn't last long but before i knew it i was being thrashed around like a rag doll. for many people a mosh pit would be fun but it's not when you are 5'6" and only 105lbs. but as soon as it had started it had ended and i made my way to the side and i was alright.


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