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{ Central Park }

Sun Jul 15 10:14:27 CDT 2001
Where: NY
When: 7/12/2001
Stage: outdoors

All I have to say is after reading the pathetic sad stories of Blood and Gore at the Limp Biscuit "shows" is that I'm glad to be a DeadHead and only watch good bands where the music matters and not the stupid mosh pit. Moe was amazing, the crowd amazing, I danced for 3 hours in front of the stage listening to one of the best jam-bands out there. No one had a bloody face, no violent crowd rushes, no angry teenagers raping girls, no loud noise passed of as music (99% of the bands today are just a poor excuse for young teens to let their agression out with bad music and bad vibes) REAL MUSIC and good fun. At Moe. Widespread Panic and Phish shows, people usually act peaceful and therefore usually have more freedoms than at a ANGER fest where you can't even smoke a joint. To all the kids who like the heavy music, I pity you


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