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Summer Sanitarim Tour 2000
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Fri Jul 27 11:37:04 CDT 2001
Where: Foxboro, MA
When: 6/30/2000
Stage: outdoors

My brother decided to take me and a friend to a concert for my birthday. I decided on Summer Sanitarium featuring Metallica, Korn, System of a Down, Kid Rock, and Powerman 5000. We were on the floor just enjoying the music and just meeting new people since you are so close you don't really have a choice. I remember it so well...as Korn came on I was jumping around with everyone else and saw this kid being passed over everyone's heads. He soon passed over me and I turned to watch where they were going to let him stop. Soon I saw him drop to the hard floor landing in a weird positioning that look like his head was just hanging there. I saw people in the crowd grab him, holding him steady and trying to get through everyone. I will never forget the face on him as he was carried by me. He was pale and looked blank. You could see fear in his eyes like he was trying to just hold on to life. I never found out what happened to him but I will never forget seeing a helpless person possibly fall to his death and the look of fear you see in their eyes.


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