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Rolling Rock Town Fair 2.0
{ Westmoreland Fairgrounds }

Wed Aug 8 10:56:47 CDT 2001
Promoter: ?
Security: ?
Where: Latrobe, PA
When: 8/4/2001
Stage: outdoors

I was at the front, and experienced several strong crowd surges. At times the crowdsurfers going overhead was almost constant, and at least 3 dozen landed on my head (I held tight to the rail to keep my place.) I understand and accept that these things happen at rock concerts, however, when we recieved our tickets in the mail a flyer was distributed with them stating that moshing and crowd surfing would NOT be tolerated and would result in ejection. It seems to me that takes away the promoters ability to defend itself by stating that these things should be expected. Based on the reassurance in the flyer, I can ensure you I would have sued vigorously had I been injured.

Gerry Apoian

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