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Ozzfest 2001
{ Nissan Pavilian }

Sat Aug 25 17:28:21 CDT 2001
Security: not the greatest
Where: Bristow, Virginia
When: 7/20/2001
Stage: outdoors

Well, I was so excited about going to Ozzfest because I had never been to any other concerts. My cousin had been to other festivals and she told me to expect lots of mosh pits. Since the major bands don't come on the main stage till 3:00pm, we were at the 2nd stage until then. (there were two other stages set up outside the pavilion.) I was surprised at how rough the crowd got and I experienced it full because I was like right in front of the stage. At one point, my sister and I were surrounded by 3 mosh pits and it was hard to breath because of all the dirt that came up from the ground. I got kicked in the head like 10 times by crowd surfers and during Drowning Pool's performance of "Bodies", I was knocked down because of the crowd. I remember thinking as I'm on the ground in the middle of thousands of people is that I'm gonna be trampled to death. Thankfully, a guy grabbed me and pulled me back up which I was totally thankful for. Even though that happened I had an awesome time at Ozzfest!! I was surprised at how the guys protected the girls. At one point, 3 guys had me and my sister together in their arms to help protect us when the crowd got really rough. Of course, their were the usual perverts but you just have to look past them and enjoy the show. I had an awesome time and if anybody ever gets the chance to go, I recommend that ya do cause the concert totally kicked ass!!


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