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The Living End, Green Day
{ Hammerstein Ballroom }

Sun Oct 21 14:44:14 CDT 2001
Where: NYC,USA
When: 6/26/2001
Stage: indoors

okay, so the concerts in like, a ballroom sorta thing. i ordered tickets for me and my friend TWO days before the concert, and they told me we were gonna be in row like 4830955 or something. but we get there, and we get our tickets, and they say we're RIGHT ON THE FLOOR. it was so awesome. so we're sitting on the floor with all the other people waiting for the opening band,The Living End, to come on. So they come on, and everyone stands up, and there's a little moshing. just like, a little pushing that me and my friend were able to handle real easily. Then The Livind End gets off and like, half an hour later Green Day comes on!!!!! as soon as they start playing, everyone FLIPPED OUT. they were pushing and jumping and all trying to move closer to the stage. me and my friend got seperated withing 2 minutes, and then she lost her shoe..and never got it back. Now, me being a girl of only 14 in my first moshpit, it was EXCITING as anything. I didnt get hurt or anything, because i took the liberty of making friends with EVERYONE around me before the concert, so a bunch of us had each others backs the whole time. Green Day was AWESOME. i cant even describe how cool it was to see my favorite band in person. One time one of the guys helped me push past everyone and we got RIGHT UP TO THE STAGE and i was in like, heaven. once i got up there, the violent pushing and yelling didnt even matter anymore. just seeing Green Day made me SO hyper i jumped right back in the moshpit and moshed like hell the rest of the night.


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