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the START, Incubus
{ Saltair }

Mon Nov 19 13:27:18 CST 2001
Security: Events Security
Where: Salt Lake City, USA
When: 11/9/2001
Stage: indoors

Saltair is this big open hall. The stage is at one end, concession stands are at the other, and there's a balcony that goes around the top edges. My boyfriend and I, and three of our friends were on the floor about ten feet from the stage. the START opened. The crowd was really cool: not too much pushing; people were dancing and having fun. As soon as Incubus came on stage it was mayhem! My friend got pushed down to the flor almost immediately, and we couldn't get her up because some guy was standing on her and wouldn't move! Another one of my friends got dragged accross the room by the crowd. We didn't see her again until the show was over. I got elbowed in the chest a couple of times. The last time knocked the wind out of me. My group (except for our lost friend) evacuated the human wall as soon as we got our friend off the floor. I love Incubus, but I didn't get to enjoy the concert because a bunch of idiots couldn't show respect for anyone around them. What's with this "All about me" mentality?


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