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Rolling Stones, Corrs (No Security tour)
{ First Union Center }

Thu Mar 18 08:00:31 CST 1999
Promoter: Tommy Hilfiger/VH1
Security: none that I could see
Where: Philadelphia, PA USA
When: 3/15/1999
Stage: indoors

We were guests of our client who had purchased 4 seats in a VIP box. One of the perks of this seating ($150 per ticket) was a bar and food service before and during the concert. The box had 11 rows of approximately 10-12 seats per row, so there were as many as 131 people in this section. One of the concert goers in this box was part of a group of four. This man was a biker type, with a Harley vest over his sleeveless T-shirt and tattoos covering both arms as well as the top of his head. He became very drunk well before the concert began and fell right at our feet in the bar area of the box. He was unable to get up for a few minutes, even with help. The relatively young security team (probably in their late teens/early twenties) initially removed him from the box. However, when we went to take our seats, he was sitting directly behind us in the third row of our section. We asked security why he had not been removed and they said it was because he had paid so much for his seat, they were giving him another chance. But if anything bad happened, they would remove him. I asked if they had metal detectors or had taken other security measures with concert goers and they said no. We spent the rest of the concert worrying about whether this man would awaken from his drunken stupor and pull a gun or knife. He remained passed out throughout the entire concert but was occasionally spitting on the floor directly below him. We worried that he might be getting sick which would also have ruined the ambiance of the box for everyone directly around him. Our final concern was whether this man might in turn seriously hurt himself falling out of the box seats to the section below. Fortunately, this was not balcony seating so he couldn't fall too far. All in all, the No Security tour was indeed a true statement of what we got, even with $150 seating.


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