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Blink 182 & Green Day
{ Tweeter Music Center }

Monday, June 17, 2002 1:50:15 PM
Promoter: CCE
Security: Safety Services System
Where: Tinley Park , IL
When: 6/15/2002
Stage: outdoors

Ok, well first of all, once the bands started playing, there were groups of people that started pushing and running into each other. there was crowd surfing. One girl fell on my head. It hurt sooooo bad. but I wanted to see Blink 182 so bad, that I just put up with it. (they played last) And I got squished against everyone else. You just can't breathe when they do that! and you try so hard to not fall to the ground. If you do, you're probably not gonna get up. the security guy said to me "are you ok?". then someone got pushed into me again, and he had to hold onto me so I wouldn't get knocked over. I have a huge bruise on me from that night. I loved the music, and seeing the band in person. but when everyone is doing that crap it just sort of ruins it for the other people. the ones that actually want to watch and enjoy the show. kerry


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