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{ Cincinnati Riverfront Coliseum }

Thursday, July 18, 2002 10:09:08 AM
Promoter: Electric Factory Concerts
Security: Cincinnati Private Police Assoc. and police dept.
Where: Cincinnati, Ohio
When: 12/3/1979
Stage: indoors

On December 3,1979 I attended a sold out Who concert which was festival seating.I arrived early enough so that I was at the front doors. As I waited by the main entrance of the coliseum,the crowd began to swell. Music began to play briefly and the crowd surged forward thinking that the concert had started. But the doors were locked.This sent a rippling wave of force across the crowd in all directions.The force of the push tightened up the crowd so much so that I was held up off the ground by the compacted human bodies that surrounded me. Then another sound of music. Again the same thing happened,starting from the front of the crowd there was another surge towards the doors, which were locked.I sensed I was in real danger. I was tiring,as I was still off the ground. The compacted crowd was tightening up even more as the wave pushed from the right/left font to back.All the more, tighter.I felt so trapped I was sick. I was nearly in tears, just wanting it to stop. I knew I had to stay up(suspended) or I would be trampled. This was a merciless crowd.Bodies of young people were being passed over the top of the crowd(they were coherent) hand by hand.I felt.I couldn't continue. I wanted it to be over. Then something happened up front. A door was opened. The force carried me to the front. I was almost breathless,feeling suffocated from being compacted, and I was upright.We(the amassed crowd) were funneled into 2 doors with turnstiles. I'd like to mention, I had tickets to the Beehive Lounge, that night. There was a note on the outside elevator that said the elevator was 'out of order'. So myself and others that had tickets to the upper viewing areas were forced to stand at the front doors with the rest of the concertgoers. I honestly did not know the there were fatalities until I arrived home that evening and saw the 11pm news. There on television, I saw multiple white sheets scattered across the concrete area at a slight distance from the front doors. I was saddened to see this but I believed it because of what I experienced from the front. I've never attened another concert since 1979. I applaud you Paul for your efforts to inform the youth of America. They are our future, we need them.

Michelle Krummen

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