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Everclear f/ Fastball & Marcy Playground
{ IC Light Ampitheatre }

Fri Feb 5 16:26:08 CST 1999
Promoter: IC Light Ampitheatre
Security: not sure
Where: Pittsburgh, PA
When: 6/6/1998
Stage: outdoors

It was a really great concert; as I'm a big E-Clear fan *woohoo! seeing them Mar. 5th, and tonite at a CD signing! :)*. Of course, the guy who took me was an experienced concert-goer, so he showed me how to protect myself and we found a couple big guys to help me out as well. It was all going wonderful until I was tossed (by drunk strangers) and forced to crowdsurf. The rush was great, but I think the terror was a bit greater. Of course, my friend followed me, and tried to help me out as much as possible, and most of the ppl were really nice. Except for the last person; she was too busy juggling beers to bother to catch me. So the guy standing next to her caught me by my knees, and I was hanging upside down, screaming. Of course, I have hair down to my waist, and before he could pull me back up someone stepped on it, yanking my head down... and that hurt. Finally I got right-side-up, only to be kicked or something in the face and chest, knocking the wind out of me. Dazed and hyperventilating, there was a giant crowd surge (this whole thing took place in like the first 10 rows outside), and I was crushed between 4 people who were trying to help me but couldn't. I couldn't breathe; I couldn't feel anything except sweaty people, and no air. I got somewhat hysterical and started hitting to try and get out, but I was still crushed. I'm only 5', and I weigh about 110 lbs. I started blacking out, but my friend saved me somehow and we got out to the edge of the crowd. It was still a good view tho, which was fine. I was terrified tho. I hope the same thing doesn't happen the next time I go; I would really like to enjoy the show. My advice to all people there; if you're going to drink, don't go in the most intense part of the crowd. Also, DON'T PUSH PEOPLE!!!!! The band's not going anywhere, and you can still see/hear them. I hate when mosh pits start out of nowhere; I ended up in the middle of one w/ drunk frat guys hitting into me, and that really hurt. I was sore for days. Just.... play nice. Well, I'm off to the Everclear cd signing. Hope to see you all at the Burgh's Sno-Core Tour... I'm out.


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