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Locke, Suffice, Stutterfly, Elderstaar
{ Cafe Soda }

Monday, August 26, 2002 1:49:08 AM
Where: Spokane, Wa USA
When: 8/23/2002
Stage: indoors

*August 23, 2002* Tonight was AMAZING! I cannot BELIEVE how great it was! We'll I'll start from the beginning...Last week on Saturday I went to a show with Jeff and Matt and many other people I know. It was awesome and there was a band there from Canada called Stutterfly. I LOVED THEM! And much to my surprise, they were coming back the next weekend! (This weekend) with my favorite local band and a rapper and a band I've seen before. And it was only $5, so HELL YEAH I'm going! Matt and Jeff came and got me and we went, but Matt didn't stay. So we were hanging out with James and his friends, who are really cool, before the show and eventually Lindsey showed up. First up was a white rapper named Locke. He was pretty fly, for a white guy :). Then came Suffice, my favorite local band who I've seen twice before. They were REALLY good and, of course, I moshed. Pretty hard too. They've got their first CD coming out in a month! YAY! Then was my STUTTERFLY! There is a guitar playing singer and a screaming bassist who is GORGEOUS! His name is Jordan. While in between songs, he was talking on stage and he was like, "We love Spokane, you guys rock! And you do hardcore dancing!" and he smiled, winked, and pointed at me! ME! It was so exciting because I pride myself so much on being a hardcore rocker chik! And of course, a mosher! I was SO passionate during Stutterfly. If I wasn't moshing I was getting into it all by myself. EMOTION! After the set, my group was all talking to the bassist and telling him how good he is and I was trying not to freak out. *Im such a groupie lol* Then I bought a Stutterfly CD *which is great* and I had them put it in the back room for me. By that time I was totally fueled and Elderstaar came on. They're really popular, but I'm not really down with it. I only moshed during once and screamed along to one song. Other than that, I just kinda chilled. Two of my friends, Jesse and James, got to go onstage and sing with them. So that was way cool. After the show, I bought an 8 x 10 glossy of Stutterfly that I've already hung, then I went and shook Jordan's hand and told him how amazing he was. Then I got water and my CD and me, Lindsey and Jeff went to talk to Jordan and some other random girl for like 10 minutes! IT WAS AMAZING!!! He's SO cool! Then Jeff's dad took us home. Even though I hurt, it was an absolutely amazing night. I've never really talked to member I loved after a show, rather than just to say "Good Job." And it took me a lot of nerve to do it. It was great! He was accessable and sweet and inspirational. It was just amazing!


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