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Distress, IDK, Stutterfly, and Pysben Trip
{ Club Soda }

Monday, August 26, 2002 1:51:54 AM
Where: Spokane Wa
When: Aug 18 2002 12:00AM
Stage: indoors

Matt called and asked if i wanted to go to a show tonight. OF COURSE! but I had no money, but he wanted me to go so he paid for me! Sweet! But I felt bad cuz not only did he take me and pay for me but he ended up leaving after the first band. So I rode home with Andy, Bean, and Jeff...another story lol. Anyway, it was 3 local bands and a Canadian band. First was Distress, Im friends with a couple of them in the band, their main inspiration is Pantera, so guess what that sounded like. it wasnt bad, just not my favorite. But Dan is REALLY good at the drums. Then was IDK, ive talked online with some of them and heard they kinda sucked but I thought they were pretty good, and they had nice energy since it was their singers last night with the band. I moshed so it was all good. THEN was Stutterfly *The canadian band* I thought they would suck cuz well, theyre canadian, but they were SOOOOOOOOOO good. Check them out on MP3.com. NOW! They are really good. And they played and had amazing energy, the guys were crazy. they have a singer and their bassist is a screamer and theyre both fuckin crazy, and the guitarist came out to the pit and played while we were moshing. It was great. Then was Pysben Trip which wasnt that great but oh well, yay for white boys rap metal. And then we hung out after the show met some people and talked to some band members. One of them put on a "Jolt" pop jock strap. :) My friend Bean *chris* whos like 115 lbs we picked him up and threw him into people, lol and he got on my other friends back and went into the pit. it was fun. Hes nuts. and then we drove home and our friends were driving next to us and throwing cds at the car so we went back and picked them up and drove around downtown cuz andy didnt know how to get to my house lol cuz jeff was giving shitty directions. one of my knuckles is swollen, my whole wrist/forearm and my shoulder is fucked up from moshing but its all worth it :)

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