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Torn, Suffice, Science, Descent
{ Cafe Sole }

Monday, August 26, 2002 1:54:40 AM
Where: Spokane, wa
When: Jul 10 2002 12:00AM
Stage: indoors

Hey kids. Last night I went to a show *Torn, Suffice, Science, and Descent* and I had a blast. I went with my friend Jeff who I havent seen since school got out. Once we got there we saw some people we knew and met their friends and I ended up meeting a LOT of cool people, even some band members. I moshed *of course* and *of course* Im paying the price for it now. Its alright though because its always worth it. There was a freaky Nazi guy there that was really hardcore, and he was picking fights with everyone, except me. He loved me for some reason and was hitting on me even though he had a wife, there with him. It was really weird because he was yelling at the other girl for moshing, but loved me for it. Maybe its because I didnt really talk back to him, he was really doped up and was a really mean guy...and uhhh, oh yeah...HES A NAZI! I dunno, it was really weird. But I had fun so it was ok. I made friends with Lindsay, Sarah, Justin, Pinky, and some other people whose names I didnt get. We're all going to more shows soon. Shawn came over today. He made me get up at like 8:30 am cuz

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