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{ First Union Center }

Sunday, September 08, 2002 8:01:35 PM
Promoter: WMMR
Security: ?
Where: Philadelphia
When: 10/27/2002
Stage: indoors

Ok, this isn't really a concert story perse, but it does have to do with a concert. I was so freked out trying to get RUSH tickets for the october 27th show...I cut a class to get them pre-sale. Then I got up early on Saturday to see if there were better seats, and there were, so I got them too...problem is, I used my parents' credit cards, and now they're gonna kill me...and what makes things worse, I don't know for sure how good these seats are...So if anyone reading this has ever been to the FU center or knows about seating(I'm talkin rows per section & seats per row) please contact me...my e-mail is hamletelpigg@aol.com...I could really use some help, because I need to know which tickets to put up on e-bay....thanx....anna


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