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Coal Chamber, Sevendust, Human Waste Project, and Dayinthelife....
{ Clutch Cargos }

Fri Feb 11 22:13:15 CST 2000
Promoter: ?
Security: yeah right..
Where: Detroit
When: May
Stage: indoors

It was my first hard rock concert and I kinda knew what to expect but weird things happened anyway. First off I lost my shoe and that kinda sucked. I found it about 15 minutes later, though. I also hadn't had anything to eat before I went and puked a little while into the 2nd band. Then during Sevendust my friend was crowd surfing and got dropped on his head. We ended up going to the hospital that night. Luckily he was ok but it is something I remember every time I get into a mosh pit... I will be thinking about it tommarrow too when I go see the most violent show in the world... INSANE CLOWN POSSE!


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