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Family Values
{ Allstate Arena }

Thu Oct 28 00:00:45 CDT 1999
Promoter: Jam, Metopolitan Entertainment
Security: Allstate, Police
Where: Rosemont, IL.
When: 10/??/99
Stage: indoors

First I wanted to comment on a review I just read that was posted on a Kid Rock web site. It was a review on Kid Rock/Limp Bizkit in Fairfax written by ""anonymous"". I assume this was a guy b/c of the fact he referred to girls who bodysurf the crowd and complain of being sexually assaulted, as WUSSIES. Okay well I am not even going to dignify that kind of ignorance with an answer but I will say that he went on to complain that security would not let him go back inside to find his shirt or whatever. And he then says that he was so pissed off b/c he was standing there with his contact in his hand and they were giving him so much shit. Oh poor baby!! Tell me there little man how does it feel to be the real WUSSYYYYYYY! I did not write this article to point out our young friend's disrespect for ladies but I do have a story of my own that's not filled with so much hypocrisy. I saw Family Values '99 at the Allstate Arena earlier this month and I have to say the sound there is terrible. I do not know if it's the bands equipment or just the fact that the arena was not designed with acoustics in mind. Another thing I noticed that upset me a bit more, was the amount of molestation that went on. Yes it is valid to say that if you're a girl and you bodysurf that you know what you're getting into. I think everybody has seen it happen before and yet, they (girls) continue to do it. Well guess what guys that still does not give you the right to rip a girls pants off! I am especially talking to the older gentelman,like those in their 20's, who can't resist those 16 year old girls in tank tops.

Brian Munro

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