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Korn, Limp Bizkit, Orgy
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Tue Feb 9 16:08:51 CST 1999
Security: Assholes
Where: Pittsburgh, Pa
Stage: indoors

The Family Values Tour kicked ass. I know a lot of people complain about the crowd, well I complain about the security in front of the stage. I know they are just making sure no one junps up on stage, but they could be a little more gentle. I was crowd surfing (completly harmless and fun) when I got to the front a gaurd pulled me by my arm so hard, after the concert I looked at my arm there was a huge ass bruise on it and I don't bruise easily. Those guys need to calm down, like what the hell was a little female going to to do? I also think that concerts should be dry, I mean you can get drunk before the concert, but concerts get way to out of hand when there is alchohol. I was standing way on the outside edge of the crowd and still managed to get punched in the jaw, hard. But, what can ya do? Have fun but be careful I guess.


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