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{ phoenix cork }

Fri Jan 22 04:32:02 CST 1999
Promoter: none (DIY)
Security: BASTARDS
Where: Cork Ireland
When: 10/31/1998
Stage: indoors

True to form at all punk and hardcore gigs moshing and crowd surfing goes on it can be dangerous but if your sensible and look out for each other no one gets hurt (never in my experience anyway).The problem is this while we were all freaking out having fun to probly the best hardcore band in southern ireland the bouncer decided that people were gonna get hurt and started dragging surfers off the crowd and trowing every one out.During this time any surfer dragged off was hurt by the bouncer and surrounding people hurt while the fuckin ape started throwing surfers off the crowd onto the side and into people who wernt even moshing.He hurt more people than a crowd ever could.Basicly i think if a crowd r experienced gig goers they can look after themselves well enough through the general learned behavior that goes along with crowds at medium sized gigs


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