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Dave Matthews Band
{ Soldier Field }

Sat Jul 1 14:21:38 CDT 2000
Security: Garcia
Where: Chicago, IL
When: 30/6/00
Stage: outdoors

Our floor seats had an obstructed view. We paid $47, without Ticketmaster charges, to be behind a speaker tower. Did they have to put the speaker tower there? We were not told when we purchased the tickets that the view was obstructed. We did not stay in our seats. We stood in the large open area created behind the sound/mixer board. We were so far back on the floor (last section) that the sound board didn't hurt the view. We were just too far back. Thank god for video screens. We couldn't move up further because they had ushers checking tickets. But in our area we met some folks who sneaked onto the floor. One guy asked to borrow our ticket stub so he could go to the bathroom and get back onto the floor. (He returned the ticket). Speaking of bathrooms, the lines were long, especially for women but for men too. But worse than the bathroom lines were the beer lines. You waited about 30 minutes to spend $5.25 for a beer. Rip off. The delay was caused by only one person at the counter who poured the beers into plastic cups and handled the money. They could have used more staff behind the counter. Instead they had an usher telling us they were going as fast as they could. Pleeaze! All these lines created a mess in the concession area. You could hardly walk around.


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