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Pearl Jam
{ Rosklide }

Mon Jul 3 04:34:50 CDT 2000
Where: Denmark
Stage: outdoors

I really dont think that it is fair to blame a band who cares so much about their fans... they do everything that they can for us. They love us and we love them. This was no ones fault. People fell down... simple as that. If anybody is to blame it is the mud and the rain, which NOBODY could have predicted. Youre only responce is to critisize them based on events that happened in 1992? Give me a break. The band has grown and has learned from past mistakes. You are only trying to create bad blood here. The deaths of those people was tragic. I feel for them and their friends and family. But sometimes in life bad things happen for no reason, and we have to find a way to move on. YOURE NOT HELPING! As a musician I would hope that that something like this never happens to me... but even with the very best security there is no way to know or predict these things... Sincerly Deni

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