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Pearl Jam
{ Roskilde }

Mon Jul 3 05:40:26 CDT 2000
Where: Denmark
When: 2000
Stage: outdoors

The first thing I would like to say is this post in no way condones moshing/crowd surfing/acts of violence at concerts. When I attend concerts I tend to remain towards the rear of the venue because I am sick of people hitting me/landing on my head/etc. I would be happy to see crowd surfing banned altogether, and I think that attempting to increase crowd safety at concerts is an admirable thing. Nonetheless, I find the reporting on this site with regards to Pearl Jam (and the security at its shows) ridiculously biased. You obviously have certain agendas to pursue (dare I suggest them to be financial ones, considering the continual entreaties to purchase your newsletters and other items?) and do not care in the slightest if the truth is skewed in the process. I am familiar with the history of Pearl Jam (much more so than you would be, I might add) and thus am in a position to say that the quotes you used in your breaking news stories are without fail taken out of context, from a long time ago (there is a difference between the band in 1992 and 2000) and ruthlessly selected to show Pearl Jam in the worst light possible. A further point I wish to make is that when Pearl Jam played at Roskilde security was provided by the festival, and not the band. This is another fact you seem to conveniently overlook. That you so can vehemently condemn one of the most fan-orientated and genuinely caring bands of the past decade without fully researching the facts irritates me enormously. If you do wish to genuinely improve concert safety then you could certainly learn to present more than one side of any given issue.","od","","21","m","severalyear ","fan ","","","","on ","","","most ","Jesse Reid ","","","on",""," ","mygore0.connect.com.au ","Mon Jul 3 05:40:26 CDT 2000 " 140,"Pearl Jam ","","Roskilde ","","6/30/00 ","This is also in response to your ""what's new"" bulletin regarding the heartbreaking tragedy at the Pearl Jam show at Roskilde. I believe that I represent all Pearl Jam fans when I say that your comments regarding Pearl Jam are out of line. Perhaps it was the way you approached the previous concert situations that turned the band and promoter off. You have the opportunity to use your organization as a tool for POSITIVE change. Making inappropriate accusations and spreading slander about the band that we love and respect so much will do nothing but turn us away from the safety goals that you are trying to acheive. I was excited to hear of your site by a fellow Pearl Jam fan on our messsage board. I am disappionted however in your making hasty and sweeping generalizations about the band. Let's use our critical thinking skills here and not our judgements! There do need to be serious changes to the concert industry as a whole and I do agree that the Festival promoters should have known that PJ shows do have their fare share of aggression in the pit. This however bears no reflection on the band and their respectable social conscience. I want to use my voice for positive change. Please return the favor. Let's work together to make a difference! Sincerely, Jennifer

Jesse Reid

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