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Pearl Jam
{ Roskilde }

Mon Jul 3 22:34:39 CDT 2000
Where: Denmark
When: 6/30/00
Stage: outdoors

Paul, I think it is wrong that you hide behind the facade of this website and spew one false accusation after another about Pearl Jam. We all know that your consulting services have been turned down by Pearl Jam and others, which then prompts you to spout off and take a holier than thou attitude. Just because Pearl Jam refused you pimping them for money at Soldier Field does not grant you the right to act like a crybaby. You said, ""What happened should be considered criminal. Oh yeah, Pearl Jam cancelled their second show. And get this, one minute of silence was all the respect festival organizers thought necessary for the eight lost souls and scores injured."" These inflammatory remarks are only put on your website to scare promoters and venues (your bread and butter) into giving you money. This is ironic considering your many remarks about how greedy promoters and venues are. Also, you are incorrect when stating, ""Oh yeah, Pearl Jam cancelled their second show"". Pearl Jam cancelled the Roskilde show as soon as the festival organisers told the band staff what was happening. Then they cancelled the rest of their European tour. The band has also postponed the release of their single due to this tragedy. Oh yeah, your statement is FALSE, Paul. You also dribble on saying how Pearl Jam ""chose to allow or demand festival seating and moshing with too little or no safety protection for fans"". This is also FALSE, Paul. I seriously doubt Pearl Jam would have a rider in their contract DEMANDING festival seating AND moshing. I have seen Pearl Jam in the US 8 times and never in a venue with floor festival seating. You state, ""I saw them play before a festival seating and reserved seating audience at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin"". I was there also, and this was NOT festival seating. This is called a LAWN. Many ampitheaters across the US have this arrangement for seating. Pearl Jam did not request a venue with a lawn, they just exist. Would you have been happy with folding chairs put in the lawn section? And may I also ask why you would attend such a dangerous event? The answer is simple. You are but another person scorned by the recording industry who is bound and determined to get revenge on them by leeching them of money based on fear, and lashing out with venomous remarks to those who don't cower to you. You are in perfect company with all those lawyers, shlock-jocks, critics who make a living leeching off peoples fears and misfortunes. Try to do some good next time you go chasing ambulances.

Julia Waters

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