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Pearl Jam
{ Roskilde }

Tue Jul 4 03:21:42 CDT 2000
Where: Denmark
When: 03/07/00
Stage: outdoors

It's part of human nature to try and find someone or something to blame, whether it be Pearl Jam, or steel fences, or bad organization from the festival arrangers. But in a case like this, there is NO ONE to blame. no one. or everyone. the festival goers for moshing, Pearl Jam for playing, the weather for raining, the arrangers for serving alcohol. But why Paul, do you feel the need to blame someone. Have you never been in an accident? An accident. Meaning it's nobody's fault. Eight people are dead. Don't you think everybody involved feels they are to blame, feels grief. Pearl Jam are devastated. Roskilde arrangers are devasted. And pointing fingers isn't going to make them feel any better. You're not helping, Paul. Saying that Eddie Vedders pleas were too little too late won't help. Your scorning sarcasm doesn't help. Your childish 'I told you so'- mentality is not helping. Only making it worse. Have respect not only for those deceased and their families, but for everyone involved who unquestionably feel so much pain and guilt. Your not helping anyone.

Hani Jazzar

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