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{ maple leaf gardens/warehouse (toronto) }

Mon Jul 17 23:08:13 CDT 2000
Where: toronto, canada
When: 1999/2000
Stage: indoors

Two things: First, I realize that smaller people (eg., myself) shouldn't be anywhere near the mosh pit during a show. I saw Nine Inch Nails at the Gardens and, till I was able to get out, I was almost squashed. I realize that when the band comes out, people have a tendency to push towards the front, but I found myself squashed between two very large men, and I couldn't get out. I couldn't breathe, either. A friend almost broke my arm pulling me out and I was screaming, etc. I don't know how many times I've seen shorter people trying desperately to get away from the front.. some bleeding noses, some crying, and nobody moves. It doesn't take much to step aside a foot, does it? I wish people would just be a bit more aware of this. They must notice that the girl in front of them has now disappeared, and maybe that should be a concern for them!? Just make sure nobody's getting squished. It's hard to get out! Second, I think crowd surfing should be banned. You can't watch the band when you're too busy trying to not get booted in the head. ""Oh, but it's such a rush!"" Sure, for the person up there. I don't like being used, against my will, as a human ladder for some schmuck to climb up, not caring if he kicks me in the face (which has happened) or breaks any bones. It's seriously dangerous. Necks and heads can get hurt. I know of some bands who stop their shows if there's any crowd surfing, and I applaud that. Pushing, ""moshing"", fine. You can keep away from that, but you can't escape the crowd surfers, crunching heads in their quest for whatever it is that crowd surfing offers. Last, I went to a show at the Warehouse in 99. The lineup was winding, lomg, and ridiculous (of course), but what was ridiculous was that the opening band went on before half the crowd was inside and was done before we got in. People were standing in line, listening to the band play inside. It was so ridiculous. I'd guess that half the crowd was there to see the opening band (I can't recall for the life of me who it was...) That was so stupid. There should have been a partial refund or something. So yeah, thanks for listening. I'm 23 and short. : P To sum it up: It's hard to be short and hurt at concerts because nobody cares who they're squashing. Crowd surfing is redundant and dangerous. And wait till everyone's inside before starting the show!!! thanks.

sara taylor

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