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{ Gorge, Snoqualmie summit, Key arena }

Tue Jul 18 09:10:06 CDT 2000
Promoter: monqui
Security: fathead bullies
Where: seattle wa. usa
When: 1995-2000
Stage: outdoors

I am a 37 year old female...I have been going to concerts and moshing forever. I've been injured, kicked in the head, sprained ankle, and plenty bruising. I also ride mountain bikes, I have been more seriously injured on the trail. We all know that the mosh pit can be dangerous. We make our own choices to go in. Just as people choose to continue riding dirtbikes, even though there are more injuries and deaths related to dirtbiking every year than all the mosh pit injuries combined. It is unfortunate that people die. Whether on a bike, a plane, or in a mosh pit, we take our chances. I resent the fact that there are people who would ban moshing in the interest of ""my safety"". If liability is an issue...post signs, 'enter at your own risk' If I ride my bike off a cliff and die, should mountain biking be banned? Should my family be able to sue the bike manufacturer? I think not. So, 9 people died at a Pearl Jam concert, I'm sorry...12 people died here in Seattle in automobile accidents yesterday. Want to make the world a safer place? Ban cars, bikes, motorcycles, mountain climbing, boating...etc...ok? In the meantime leave the freaking mosh pit alone.

karen williams

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