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Fitler, and many others
{ Classic Rock Weekend Site }

Tue Jul 25 18:33:27 CDT 2000
Promoter: hmmmmmm
Security: techno security
Where: Minnidosa
When: july 24th
Stage: outdoors

I have a mojor beef with all the people that for one reason or another MUST be up at the front at concerts. Ussualy I'm able to get up to front without pushing, shoving or throwing elbows. I simply find a way to slip against the front without taking anyone else's spot. Well at shakin the lake during Filter's set I found my self in the perfect situation to get my hand on the front rail which I did. The only problem with this was the asshole that happened to be next to me. As soon as I had my hand on the rail he began punching my knuckles. When I asked him what the fuck he was doing he asked me if I wanted to go. Luckly my bigger friend was thier and he just told the guy to shut up which he did. After a little longer I found myself right up against the rail with both my arms hanging losey over the top. There was plenty of room for everyone at the front. No one was being squished from the sides at all but this same asshole decided it would be fun to start throwing elbows into peoples faces(inclouding mine) well luckly the security guards saw what he was doing and told him to stop. All and all this guy sorta ruined Fitler for me but I did find it really funny when he took a big boot to the head from a crowdsurfer. Basically what I'm trying to say is if your lucky enough to be at the front for a concert don't try to force anyone away from the front.


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