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Candle Box
{ Local Club }

Tue Aug 8 09:32:21 CDT 2000
Promoter: Local Club
Security: Club Bouncers
Where: Fayetteville, NC
When: Spring 1996
Stage: indoors

In college I attended a Candle Box concert at a local club. I was advised by friends to not step into the mash pit because I was a girl. A friend people at told me not nice to girls in there. Being an adolescent and bull headed I over looked to words of my friend and headed in. I got a great rush banging into people and passing crowd surfers as they passed over me. Sometime into the show a crowd surfer got a little to close to the stage and the bouncer pushed him back into he crowd. The crowd not know that he surfer would be pushed bad at them was unable to hold him up and the surfer fell to the ground on he way he kicked me in the temple and knocked me out. I have no idea how long I was knocked out for. The next thing I remember was a stranger grabbing me by my shirt collar and waking my up. The friend who warned me not to go onto the pit grabbed me and took me out of the pit. He never sow me fall and had no clue I was knocked out. I remained on a bar stool for the rest of the show unable to see. I went to sleep that night still blinded thinking that my eyesight would return in the morning. With no luck the school doctor ordered a CAT scan to be done to see if I had a head injury. The CAT scan revealed that I had inner bruising, which caused me to loss my site; I was luck and had no other damage to my head. My site returned a few days later, but it was not until months later when I learned of the true damage done that night. During a regular doctor visit my doctor noticed my Jaw popping and being out of line. I was referred to a specialist who diagnosed me as having TMJ. After looking at my MRI the specialist noticed that I had the jaw of the 70 year old. It seems sometime between being kick in the head and hitting the ground I pulled the cartilage in the left side of my jaw and destroyed the cartilage in the right side. I have since undergone therapy to restore my jaw. I'm still a big concertgoer, but have not returned the mosh pit. Sadly in my case the Bouncers the people who are spouse to look out for you and protect you are the ones who caused me to get hurt. If it was not for the stranger who picked me up from the floor that knows how long I would of remained there or what would of happened to me. Crowd surfing and mosh pits are not a joke people do get hurt and many times don't even know it. Though I went to the hospital the day after being knocked out the true damage from that event was not found until months later.

Megan Burnett

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