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ONE MINUTE SILENCE, Earthtone9, Crazy Town, Skindred

Wed Aug 16 16:03:14 CDT 2000
Promoter: ???
Security: Stunning
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: ??/12/99
Stage: indoors

I have been to a lot of gigs and moshpits, but this was by far the most violent and tiring. OMS, as ever, were utterly fantastic performers buzzing with raw adrenaline which inspired the audience to kick the shit out of each other no end. Even though it is widely known the band are in great favour of a feverish pit (they even employ a 'pit crew' - six official stagediving maniacs in OMS T-shirts whose job it is to fuck the audience up), they didn't use that excuse to endanger the crowd because they evidently trusted the security to do a good and proper job. After they had played their last song, drummer Eddie Stratton even came to the front of the stage and shook both audience's and security's hands, commenting on the ""fucking great pit, mate!"". The LA2 is a small venue (perhaps holding no more than 500-1000 people) and I think that probably helped security greatly. As for the actual security guards, they were really lovely. The stage must've been no more than 15-20 feet across, but it was separated from the crowd by padded crash barriers and seven or so security guards. Each of them helped anyone out who were in trouble, and poured blissfully cool water into our gasping mouths if prompted. And the guards were not just young puppies doing the job for a blast, they were veterans. This is the most impressive thing about the Astoria venue (both the main Astoria and the LA2) - the security is tight and friendly, putting everyone at ease. When an Astoria security guard by the name of Neville Lynch died in a motorcycle accident earlier in the year, lots and lots of condolance letters were sent to his family and the Astoria itself by many respected artists who had played there (including OMS, Machine Head, Radiohead and Max Cavalera). This shows that even the artists put their utmost confidence in these examples of what security should really be like. As for the rest of the OMS gig...I have seen them live before on the Warped Tour, so it came as no surprise when bassist Glen Diani clambered on top of the 12 foot PA speakers whilst still playing, and backflipped into the crowd. His foot clipped the lights on the roof (yes, he was that high!) and they rocked dangerously but they didn't fall. I was one of the lucky ones to catch the demi-god Glen (whom I've had the pleasure of meeting on the Warped Tour) and even though he accidentally knocked a couple of people with his bass on the way down, no-one was in the slightest bit angry or concerned. Everyone was too busy having the time of their lives in the safest venue in the world. Yours, Andrew - British and proud of it ;) P.S. I am going to be attending a new level of moshpit frenzy...the gods of nu-metal SLIPKNOT at the Reading Festival 2000 in England. As well as the Foo Fighters, Deftones, RATM, Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit, the whole three days should be mosh heaven! Oddly enough, One Minute Silence were Slipknot's support band on a recent American tour. Apparently the security was shit over there; one gig had Klu Klux Klan members continually throwing stuff at OMS singer Yap (and breaking one of his fingers) for making fun of them in front of the entire crowd. Some 'redneck' audience members even took to chanting ""U-S-A"" at our underground British heroes. To which Yap replied between songs: ""We're here to play our fucking songs in the name of Heavy Metal. So if you want to drape flags and shit over music then you can suck my arse."" They then drop-kicked into moshpit-favorite ""Remain Calm"". The man's a poet.


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