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Disturbed, Greenday, and more
{ Patriot Center }

Wed Dec 20 21:31:01 CST 2000
Promoter: WHFS
Security: some Washington D.C Security team
Where: Fairfax, VA USA
When: 12/13/00
Stage: indoors

The concert was pretty good until Disturbed came on. I really like the band and wanted to get close to the stage, so I moved forward. I was in the 2nd row from the front. I was find most of their performance. During the whole time there were to many crowd surfers. I don't have a problem with crowd surfers, but I couldn't pay attention to the band because I was constantly looking behind me for a crowd surfer. Well I really got into one of the songs and wasn't paying attention. I was jumping up and down and all of a sudden a body drops on top of my head. I went forward, not falling, and a crowd surfer fell off me. My neck hurt until the end of Disturb's set. I went up the stairs, got a drink of water, and sat in the seats and I got a terrible headache. I had the headache the remainder of the show. I got home around 2AM and went to bed. When I got up the next morning I still had a headache! So i took some advil and went on to school. I was fine most the day until the later part of the day when I got another headache. I took more advil and went to sleep. Five days following I got on and off mild to medium headaches. They have finally cleared up...I hope. I have learned one thing from this event. Too many crowd surfers are a pain in the a$$ and will usually lead to injury. I think I will stay near the middle of the crowd for now on where the crowd surfer traffic isn't so heavy and where I can enjoy the show.

Ronald Jett

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