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Mon Dec 25 20:12:24 CST 2000
Where: el paso, tx
Stage: indoors

Over the past few years I've been to several concerts and have been able to observe many things and have come to many conclusions. Crowd surfing may be a lot of fun but it's a pain for everyone else who's not doing it. I've seen many concert-goers (including myself) get kicked in the face and in the head. They make it harder to give full attention to performers because people have to be on the look out so they won't get bashed in the head. I've learned to manage mosh-pits by keeping my distance, but it really sucks when the people in the back are pushing everyone in front. Where else do you want us to go? The only way to go is to be pressed up against the metal rails that separate the crowd and the stage. Security guards also need to ease up. The times that I've managed to make it up in front to the rail, I've seen some security guards get power happy. I can recall one time that this one guard was pulling this guy out from the crowd by his arm and just dropped him onto the floor. They'll push the people and will just sometimes harass them for no reason. Another thing I've noticed is that the people that are in front lay claim to their spot. They never let anyone through. On one ocassion the crowd was pushing side to side and I felt myself losing my balance. I tried to grab on to the rail but the two girls in front of me locked arms and would not let me get my hand through. When I'm up in front, I happily let people come through. Can't we all just get along!?!

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