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{ Reading Festival }

Sun Jan 21 10:55:40 CST 2001
Promoter: Mean Fiddler
Where: Reading UK
When: August 2000
Stage: outdoors

Well, after reading of your experiences i thought i had to share my experience at Reading Festival. I have never been closer to death and never, ever, been so scared. I am an experienced festival and gig goer and am well built and fit even thought i'm a short-arse. I had never seen The Offspring and when they came on me and my mates just bulled throught the croud to get to the front. We weren't rude about it as we are all nice people. I decided to crowd-surf which is something i never usually do as i believe it to be rude and selfish on the people trying to watch the band. Well, i was about three rows from the front when i got dropped on my head and the crowd surged over me. I must have lost consciousness because when i came to I couldn't see a damn thing. There was about four other people lied lateraly above me and it was alld ark because of the bodies on top of me. I couldn't breathe and used up all my energy trying to get up. More crowd surfers were coming in and landing on this heap which i was propping up. I remember catching a girls eyes through the tangle or arms and legs and she was crying. I managed to reach her hand and just assured her over and over again that everything would be okay. It was really strange as everyone was really quiet. No-one could move or speak. It was like we knew we would die. We stayed like this for about, and no exxageration, ten minutes and i fainted more than once. Offspring told everyone to move back and we got picked up eventually. I was in a state and two blokes next to me took one look at me and started trying to get me out. They just picked me up and threw me over the front two rows and i sort of landed on the barrier. God bless them wherever they are. The security staff were f***** and how they kept on amazed me. They picked me up and laid me on a stretcher where i passed out. I came to got up and walked out to rejoin the crowd where i collapsed again. I had lost everything including a shoe, my neck thong...well everything. I ponced a cigarette,laid down and looked up at the sky. I nearly died. DON'T CROWD SURF INTO CROWDED CROWDS.


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