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{ Energy Center }

Sun Mar 25 03:33:17 CST 2001
Where: Madison WI
When: 19/02/01
Stage: indoors

A great show. I had to write about the Festival Seating and how a couple of hundred screaming, devoted Pantera DIDN'T DIE, but had a great time. I am sure grateful that I live in Wisconsin and not in Cincinnati, Ohio where festival seating is outlawed. This is like curing dandruff by cutting your own head off (Zappa-esque, I know, but it's true). Millions of people have seen shows that were GA and walked away uninjured. But that's not the real problem with banning GA shows. The real problem with seat on the floor is that the common fan with common jobs will not be able to afford a floor ticket. If you don't believe it, go see if you can afford a sport event ticket. Without GA shows, us common people would never see a performer again without the aid of binoculars. And for what? So that you can demonize bands and venues for a few injuries to keep profiting off of them. The deaths are tragic and we all wish they did not occur. But this is America, where we assume more risk for all, so that all have the opportunity to decide for themselves what life to lead. That's why we allow smoking, drinking, high school football and hockey, talking on cell phones while driving, skiing, rollerskating, etc., and companies like you who profit from scare tactics and ambulance-chasing.

J.P. Hollen

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