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KFOG Kaboom
{ Pier 30-32 }

Mon May 21 17:46:30 CDT 2001
Promoter: KFOG
Security: ??
Where: San Francisco, CA USA
When: 5/5/2001
Stage: outdoors

Great fireworks show. Our families totalling more than 20 including kids in strollers and joggers, were tightly squeezed to the point of panic when the crowd started leaving at the end of the display. The fenced in pier had only one narrow exit, not more than 16' wide which the entire crowd had to make their way through. The ensuing pack and movement was extremely tight, forcing our group to move with the crowd, kids, strollers and all, rather than stay for a few moments and gather ourselves. Pushing from the back exacerbating conditions. While no one was injured as far as we know, the potential for a dangerous crush certainly existed.

Robert Studdiford

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