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BLINK182, Sum41, Alkaline Trio
{ Roseland Ballroom }

Fri May 25 20:58:28 CDT 2001
Promoter: Honda Civic
Security: GOOD
Where: USA (new york)
When: 4/5/01
Stage: indoors

Ah man it was so awesome.. I went w/one of my girlfriends and 2 of my guyfriends. We got there at 12:30! we waiting online for a really long time.. Tried getting backstage passes or a meet and greet any way we could.. Me and my girlfriend (i mean that as my friend who is a girl) said we would lift heavy things sell the shirts faster then they could and so on. All we got from that was people blowing us off and i got to carry blinks laundry!!! well anyways when we finally got back in the line all these people cut us so i cut the fockers back. Well anyways when we got in. I was second row.. so alkaline went on.. they kinda sucked.. Then sm41 went on.. AHh they are so fucking awesome (oh right i met um) then while we waited for blink182 to come on (headliners) all these people got infront of me.. and i'm tiny literally (5'0, 100 lbs) so i couldn't push these huge buff college guys outta my way.. So this gorgeous guy kept holding me up cos all these people kept pushing and in GA when 1 person moves EVERY1 does.. and man i was so tired and i had no water so i was like about to faint so i just gave up and walked out sideways. bought water for like 4 bucks! and watched from the side which was alright.. but the crowdsurfers were alright.. you knew when they were coming cos the security gaurds would stand on this ladder thingy to catch um.. So you put your hands up.. DON'T DUCK cos if some1 lands on your head your spine can break.. Security was great they kept giving us water and spraying it on us. which was a problem since i had a white shirt on!! but whatever it just rocked.. i'm going to another concert mad sooN!!! yay


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