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Alien Ant Farm
{ ??? }

Fri May 25 22:54:20 CDT 2001
Promoter: ???
Security: ???
Where: brea USA
When: ???
Stage: outdoors

well, it was a GREAT show! it was a free show at tower records by KROQ, but it was REALLY hot and i was wearing a sweatshirt so i wouldn't get sunburnt. i had been outside for hours waiting so i could meet the band and stuph, but the heat had gotten to me. i started getting REALLY dizzy, then my sight blanked, everything went black and i couldn't see ANYTHING. the show hadn't exactly started yet and they were testing the sound... BOOMING it, wayyy too loud, making everything worse... i was nearly fainting AND i had a headache. i couldn't see and i went to sit down on the curb and since i coulnd't see i ran into the curb. luckily my homegurl guided me. luckily after about 5-10 minutes of rest i got back to normal except i was REALLY pale, then during the show i went right at the rim of the mosh pit and this guy's visor jammed into my mouth, slammed against my lips and teeth. it hurt REALLY bad, but other than that, alien ant farm performed great!


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