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{ Alpine Valley }

Wed Jun 24 10:16:16 CDT 1998
Promoter: JAM (I think)
Where: East Troy, WI
When: 8/9/1997
Stage: outdoors

Besides the fact that I think Alpine completely oversold this show, the music was still fantastic. I had a pavillon seat so I was a little more comfortable than the people in the over packed lawn. After the show it was a zoo trying to get out of the venue. A group of us followed a line of people which led out of the venue near the left side of the pavillon. In a matter of minutes I (and a few hundred othe fans) we walking on an unlit, unpaved path with no signs or security telling people where the parking lots were. We got into a wooded area and were all of a sudden climbing a wooded hill while it was completely dark out. I guess I won't wear sandals next time I go to Alpine. Phish fans know how to have a good time, and before long everyone is making some sort of animal sound. The forest sounded like a zoo. Finally we got to the top of the hill, and over the ridge was a lit, completely packed sidewalk with people looking at us like we were crazy. We found our car 10 minutes later. Though the journey through the woods was a fun one. It could be a dangerous one with the wrong type of fans.

Jake Young

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