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{ The odeum in villa park }

Sat May 26 20:22:17 CDT 2001
Promoter: Napster (free tour)
Security: dont no
Where: Chicago,IL
When: Dont remeber
Stage: indoors

The second i got there i pushed my way through the crowd right to the front, i ended up being up there for almost the whole show, People were going crazy when limp came out. i was just moshing enjoying the show wen i guess a beer bottle hit me in the head and cracked my head open BLOOD WAS EVERY WHERE! i couldnt see straight and i was trying to make my way out of the crowd, luckly there was some cool people there who helped me out, i was used to the hospital ( well it took them about 30 minutes to get to the odeum) and i got a total of 40 stiches in my head! So be careful at shows!!!


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