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Drop kick Murfeys
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Sun May 27 18:42:53 CDT 2001
Where: Portland OR
When: april, 1999
Stage: indoors

This was my first real concert (I was 12) And I didn't really know what was going on in the place. I was there with some friends from school (my best friend, my boyfriend, and some of his friends.) We were all hang'n out, having a good time, and then the band came out. Everyone went insane. My friends boosted me up to go crowd surfing. I ended up getting felt up and all my money was jacked outta my pockets!!! When they set me down I was a little dizzy and accidentaly bumped into this tall blonde girl wearing spiked high heels. she tripped and this HUGE guy caught her then he turned to me cussed me out for ""knocking over his girl"" and poured his drink over my head!!! He then pushed me backwards right into the center of the mosh pit. Now I'm a small girl and at that time I was about 4'8"" and wieghed about 95 lbs. next thing I new the elbow of some guy made contact with my face and I was on the ground with blood pouring out of my mouth. My boyfriend reached in the pit grabed my and pulled my the side where I had to stay for the rest of the show.


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