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Tue May 29 14:48:11 CDT 2001
Promoter: ?
Security: They were at the front
Where: Somewhere in South Carolina
When: January 28th I think, 2001
Stage: indoors

My freind Kristen and I went to the Green Day concert somewhere in SC, it was the closest to Charlotte they played. When we got there, some opening band was playing and everything was calm. When Green Day came out everyone started moshing and crowdsurfing. Luckily we saw our freind Robbie there who we stuck with. He helped me up to crowd surf and it was my first time. People were grabby and feeley and when I got down my shirt was barely on. One time I got pushed into the mosh pit and some big guy fell onto me and his elbow went into my face but luckily nothing serious happened. Its always good to have a guy with you!


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