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Lagwagon/The Ataris
{ The Warehouse }

Tue May 29 15:36:27 CDT 2001
Promoter: Edge 102/H.O.B.
Security: Warehouse Security
Where: Toronto, Canada
When: March 23rd, 2001
Stage: indoors

Well i finally got the chance to see my all time favourite punk band, lagwagon. :) the night kicked off with a wicked set by the ataris, complemented nicely by an awesome, sweaty, shoulder to shoulder i-can-smell-what-you-had-for-dinner moshpit that i was in for every awesome moment! after that came *drumroll please* LAGWAGON!! it was great. actually i got kicked in the nose, so security (i don't know why) carried me into the back to get it checked out, which was dumb because i knew i was fine. actually, on the way i almost kicked the lead singer from the ataris in the head! :) i was filling out a sheet when a roadie from the bands took my picture of the doctor checking my nose (i was smiling the whole time)...then i heard my favourite song, ""sleep"", and i booted outta paramedix FAST, just in time to do some circle pitting, body surfing and, of course, the odd stomp in between. some security guards later on recognized me and thought i was insane for being in the pit so much, but i love it and i know what to expect. me and my friends had a great time. it was AWESOME!! :)


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