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Savage Garden
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Sat Jun 23 11:29:18 CDT 2001
Promoter: nadda clue
Security: Dunno
Where: Troy/New York/ USA
When: September (I think) 2000
Stage: outdoors

Well, I didn't go but I heard about the awesome expirience from my friend Kristen. She and Gilly got there like 3 hours early so they could get right to the front (Big C was supposed to get us backstage passes, that never happened) So they were there early and Daniel (the blonde one) walked right by about 10 ft. away!!! Every1 started screaming and Daniel waved to them!!! and laughed at how much they screamed for him, so he walked by many more times because he thought it was hilarious that they were trying to get to him. Kristen and Gilly got right in the front and took a bunch of pictues of them (Kris snuck in a camera) They almost got chosen to introduce a band!!!!! Well, I guess they had a great concert, there was no moshing and no1 got hurt. Cause SG plays soft (yet great) music!!!


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