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WBCN River Rave
{ Great Woods Center }

Sat Jun 20 15:48:23 CDT 1998
Promoter: WBCN Radio
Where: Mansfield Mass
When: 5/31/1998
Stage: outdoors

This is an annual radio station promoted event featuring two stages with the second stage being located near trees and rocks away from the general stage area. People were allowed to crwod surf by jumping off of the trees then diving towards the stage knocking people down. I was kicked in the head 4 times and had to be pulled out of the stage area by security. They refused to get me medical attention. The crowd surfers and moshers were not taken away after falling onto the stage. They were merely led back to the stage side so that they could rejoing the crowd. Beer bottles and rocks were thrown at the band SpaceHog so violently that they left the stage refusing to return. The policy of the venue was to let the chais reign. It was beyond unbelieveable. Especially considering that it was a day time festival in which small children were caught in the middle. I actually feared for my life. This same concert was put on a year earlier and I attended as a back up vocalist and I left with a concussion. The venue claims no responsiblity. They say that because they post "crowd surf at your own risk" they are covered. But how does that cover the many many injuries of those of us attempting to watch the bands. There was no safe area at this show. Just chaos. I currently am sporting 28 bruises. I am a 5'3 little woman who was punched, bitten, landed on, hit with rocks, etc all for standing at a show. As an artist I don't think that I should fear for my life before taking the stage, or watching friends play. If anyone has any organizations who are trying to end the violence at concerts, please contact me. I believe that moshing belongs in a designated area, away from the front of the stage and that all laws concerning violence on the street should also apply in clubs.


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