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Green Day
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Wed Jun 27 01:22:51 CDT 2001
Security: horrible
Where: Kansas City
When: january 2001
Stage: indoors

I got to the show and the get up kids were playing. Practically no one was there so my friends and I got up close to the stage. It wasn't until green day got on stage that I started getting crushed. I was up against the metal gates and few security that separated the crowd from the stage. Green day was on stage but I just couldn't keep my attention on them. I was being crushed by people...and worse than that were the people who were rushing the stage. Hundreds of people were falling down together and no one was helping anyone up. Keeping people hurt and on the floor almost became a game to some of the crowd members. I passed out a few times but my friend kept me up...I decided I needed to get out of there, no matter how close to the stage I was. I started to make my way out and fell down with a huge guy on top of me. He got up and put his hand down towards me. I thought he was helping me up but he just started punching me in the ribs with a crowd around us almost crushing me. I got out and went to the doctor the next day only to find I broke a couple ribs and had to wear a brace for a couple weeks.


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