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{ Walmart (yeah, you heard right) }

Thu Jun 28 01:08:57 CDT 2001
Promoter: some Austin, Tx radio station?
Where: US
When: 062601
Stage: outdoors

Imagine 6500 sweaty fat kids in a Walmart parking lot in the 100 degree heat in Texas. That was my concert. I took my 15 year old sister and friends because I have a friend who is friends with one of the guys in the group. ANYWAY... Sure the guys were great...the concert was great, but where the hell was the organization for this event? They were expecting 1500 kids! There were 5 times that! There was drug dealing in the parking lot at 5 am from stupid kids camping out and vandalization of the Walmart bathrooms. Good God. Don't these kids have something better to do?! About 75-100 kids were treated for heat, exhaustion (fainting) or being pushed. They had two stacks of carts set up in front of the stage. What good did that do? Just cause kids to push more. I was in the third row and there were 6, 7, 8 year olds standing at the front being pushed against the carts. They were BAWLING! The promoter said to the crowd, ""What's wrong with you parents? Why would you bring kids to a show in the 100 degree heat and put them in the front so they could be pushed and shoved!"" It's true. This 5 and 6 year olds don't care about O-Town! This isn't fun for them?! Even weirder? When the guys performed (minus one of them due to a back injury) they were completely unphased by security literally pulling young kids out of the crowd every five minutes. Ashley threw his towel in the crowd and they had to bring in the paramedics b/c so many kids scrambled for it. It didn't even phase him! What the hell is going on here???? WATCH YOUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!


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